1 comment for “Witch Hunt Mentality Equals A Win For Registrants

  1. Larry
    February 9, 2019 at 1:05 am

    Registration is Servitude!

    SORNA forces [me] to leave my home and travel to a police station to deliver public safety data, under oath, and submit to photographing and fingerprinting, for publication on a website that is scraped by private enterprise for redistribution and profit making purposes. E.g. citydata.com; homefacts.com. I am required to remain on-call around a 48 hour clock to keep the data current, year round, in perpetuity, at my own expense. That is exploitation.
    SORNA transforms [me] into a delivery boy, expert witness and assistant website content manager. The value of that service exceeds 200k per year as the approximate cost to government of acquiring the data it wants by alternate means, like hiring enough cops to collect the data without molesting me.
    Article 1 Sections 9 and 10 prohibit congress and state legislatures from singling people out for deprivations. That’s a bill of attainder, or pains and penalties. Cummings v. Missouri. And the 13th Amendment unquestionably prohibits Servitude except as a punishment for crime of which a citizen has been duly convicted which requires Judicial process and the safeguards embedded in the 6th Amendment. All of them.
    Hence, Congress can’t lawfully impose Servitude against a subclass whether civil or not. Dancing around vagaries like delegation of power and retroactivity is nothing but a red herring. A ruse to distract from a historical usurpation of power and treasonous disregard for the Judiciary and the bill of rights. Incredible!
    SORNA is the regulation of human beings. Plain and simple. Forced labor, involuntary servitude, kidnapping and trafficking all rolled up in one. Felony crimes. Proponents of SORNA should be indicted for warring against the constitution.

    Lock em up!

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