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Pennsylvania Women Against Registry seeks to restore life, health and freedom to the innocent women and children being destroyed by public registration.

Help us by becoming active in your community.

Even if it is just writing a letter to your District Congress-person or helping us present facts to the Legislators.

How to find my legislators:

This link will take you to the Pennsylvannia House of Representatives page: http://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/findyourlegislator/

Here is our Mission and Vision from the National WAR website:

We Believe

  • ALL children have the right to grow up safe from harm.
  • ALL (families) have the right to healing where there has been pain.
  • Communities have the right to laws and policies which actually WORK to achieve these goals.
  • Placing a family on a publicized registry is demonstrably ineffective in protecting children or (women) from harm.
  • Families and whole communities are subjected to vulnerability and devastation when legislators continually passing knee-jerk laws.
  • Given appropriate treatment and a stable, supportive environment, most people on the registry will not re-offend.
  • If they could safely get treatment at the first sign of trouble, many could avoid offending in the first place!
  • Persons who commit sexual offenses should be punished, receive preventive therapy, and then professionally monitored for an appropriate period. However, most of these people do not present a risk to their communities. The general public gains no advantage by knowing the names and locations of these lower-risk registrants.
  • True predatory rapists with no motivation to change are a risk to public safety and should be professionally monitored. However,
  • Monitoring should only take place when ordered by a judge as part of the sentencing process.
  • The judge’s decision should be based on a thorough, independent psycho-sexual risk assessment.
  • Persons should have some way of exiting the system if they can be given a step-by-step treatment program where progress is apparent and they can later be assessed as low-risk.
  • When the family is placed on a public registry, they face:
  • Possible loss of jobs
  • Inability to get another job if the employer’s name and location are on the registry
  • Harassment by neighbors, vigilantes, even some law enforcement,
  • Homelessness, because their landlords are also harassed, and
  • Constant fear for their own safety and for the safety of other loved ones


Women Against Registry seeks to restore life, health and freedom to the innocent women and children being destroyed by public registration.


Through peaceful demonstrations, educational forums, and political events we will present compelling evidence of the dangers and damage to American society caused by excessive, unconscionable sexual offense registries. The philosophy is basically that we do not see the need for a public registry. Folks need to be given a second chance and we want to help society understand the obstacles they are placing in front of the entire family. We feel if there is a registrant who, a judge feels needs monitoring and then based on careful evaluation by a trained licensed professional who does not benefit from the diagnosis, they should be tracked by law enforcement but not on any registry, especially something public.

Goals to Allow the Family to Re-Integrate and Function

  • Reform punitive registry laws.
  • Challenge civil and judicial rules and procedures.
  • Communicate civil commitment statutes, practices and effect on the family.
  • Affect the reform of irrational sentencing practices.
  • Abolish residency restrictions.
  • Unify independent grass roots organizations to provide a strong, strident voice for change.
  • Shift the focus to the damage being done by destroying the family unit and therefore, does not save children.
  • Promote a supportive attitude among citizens concerning the American ideals of human rights and justice for all affected by sexual offense laws.
  • Strive for cost-effective laws that will truly work to protect children and adults from sexual harm.
  • Ensure that all people are offered equal protection afforded by law and are protected against unlawful discrimination.
  • Promote and strengthen positive and healthy relationships among all persons affected by sexual offenses.
  • Develop educational programs and public service announcements teaching parents ways to protect their children and empower them to protect themselves.


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